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Cooperate Policy and Work Process


Service Fee

Oil massage

Refund Policy

Finnish sauna

Payment methods


24/7 Support staff

Advertising accounts

Includes all good accounts on the market that match customer requirements ( Credit line account, Personal account, BM verify account,...) with no limit spending, free change

VPS (RDP) / Adspower (clean proxy)

Just access the VPS, check the accounts and launch the campaigns followed your targets. Accounts and other issues will be supported 24/7 by our team


Profiles that have bypassed bans

Credit cards

Set up available in the accounts.

100% safe and secure.

Old and Strong Pages

The bluetick page can be used when the advertisement meets the requirements


We accept all advertising products. Beside the White Hat products (100% accepted), we also support with the Black Hat: Crypto, NFT, Gambling

Cooperate Policy and Work Process


Your campaign will be tested using our accounts


Setting up the accounts and pages in the VPS (RDP) or Adspower. Let the clients VPS access to check the accounts


After check everything OK with you, you finish payment to start

Service Fee

Only from 6% of total customer spending No charge for the first 7 days of using the service

Refund Policy

The remaining money after stopping cooperation will be counted and transferred back after 24h

Payment methods

We accept USDT, BTC, ETH, Payoneer